Tratry Ny Taona

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“Happy New Year” or, literally speaking, “caught by the year.” For the westerner at this time of year we often give wishes of happiness and heath for the year that is before us. However, for the Malagasy, they recognize the year that is behind them and the life they had and, Lord willing, will continue to have into the new year. In short, as the westerner looks to future, the Malagasy remembers the past.

As for us, we, too, wish to remember this past year. A few years ago, we began a new family tradition of looking at all of the pictures we captured throughout the year. This year, as we looked through each picture and remembered the time, place, and event that it represented, my mind flooded with memories of the many events that our family enjoyed, engaged in and sometimes endured. Through both our ups and downs, good times and bad, an overwhelming theme and evident truth could be seen flowing throughout the year…God has been good to us.

We thank God forthe wonderful year He has blessed us with and for allowing us the privilege to serve Him in the beautiful but ever-so-needy country of Madagascar. We truly recognize it our honor to have this opportunity to serve our Master and point these people to Him. We are thankful for the souls that were saved during this year as well as the relationships that were built and established with the Malagasy.

Standing on the foundation God enabled us to lay in 2017, our greatest goal and desire for the new year is simple: focus intensely on learning the Malagasy language so that we can more effectively communicate the Gospel with these dear, lost people.

Among other things, we look forward to traveling once a month into the bush with a national pastor to help with his work. Also, we look forward to welcoming our first visitor, a supporting pastor, to Madagascar in February. We will begin another ESL outreach course in April and many plans are already underway for the teen camp in August. Though on paper, it may not appear to be much, we can honestly say that our schedule is full and we are busy in the work God has called us to do.

As always, we wish to express to you, our faithful prayer supporters, our sincere appreciation for your kindness, faithfulness, and generosity to us and our ministry. Without your faithful prayers, our ministry would be lacking. Also, we wish to say “Thank You” to all who have sent emails, letters, cards, or other gestures of kindness during the holidays. They were a tremendous help and encouragement to us. May Godgive us all a fruitful New Year as we seek to point more people to Him.

The Browns to Madagascar

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