The Need for More

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Growing up in a Christian home in America, I often heard of the great need in the world for more missionaries. I have heard many messages, and  have even preached some myself, on the Great Commission and the dire need to get the Gospel into all the world. I have prayed and continue to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send forth more laborers into His harvest field. All of my life I have been surrounded with the call for more missionaries, but, I have never understood this need better than I do today after living six months on the mission field.

The first thing that opened our eyes to the desperate need for more was a brief conversation with our Pastor here in France. He planted the church we attend more than 40 years ago and has faithfully ministered these years in establishing a solid church with an attendance over 100 people. Throughout the years, he has trained and invested in several men to be his replacement, but sadly, they all have either gone astray or have left the ministry entirely. Now, well into his 70’s, our pastor is earnestly searching for a man to take over the work and continue reaching the next generation of souls that live in southeast Paris. The conversation left in my mind the nagging question , “Where are the replacements or the those who have so diligently labored before us?”

The second thing that helped me to see the dire need for more laborers was the lack of Christian resources available in France. As we progress with our French, we would like to have some CD’s of hymns and learn some children’s songs to help us better minister in French. Yet, after searching on the internet and speaking with some individuals in our church, we quickly realized that there is a great dearth of music, Sunday School material, devotionals, etc., available. We could not help but think that in America, there is a buffet of options available for any level of Christian growth. In France, there is truly very little!

Finally, the last thing that opened our eyes and broke our hearts for the need for more laborers was a brief conversation we had with a Christian Malagasy lady three weeks after we arrived in France. With my limited French, I had difficulty understanding her words, but as tears welled in her eyes I could not help but understood her heart as she explained the incredible need for the Gospel in Madagascar. As I walked away from that conversation, I felt a new resolve within my heart to get to Madagascar and reach the lost for Christ.

Now more than ever has the call for missions become real as we have seen firsthand the great need in the world. There is a need for someone to come and take the place of the missionaries who have labored so diligently before us. There is a need for someone to come and start new works and establish new churches. There is a need for someone to come and to make available more resources for the Christians. Truly, the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few! As I write home and give our brief update, I stress to you that there is a great need for more laborers!

As for our family, we continue to progress in our language learning. We try to practice our French with friends, neighbors, and church family as we seek to get a handle on the language. As our vocabulary grows, we have had more opportunities to get involved in our church. Rachael has been able to help in the nursery and Da
n is helping with the children’s ministry and will be singing in the choir. What a blessing it is to serve the Lord!

October marks six months on the mission field and is the halfway point for our language school. Of course, our labors here would not be possible without your faithful prayers and generous support. A simple “thank you” seems so inadequate when we consider the many sacrifices you make on behalf of the Gospel. We pray that God would bless you as much as you have been a blessing to us and we pray that much fruit would abound to your account.

Your Missionaries to Madagascar

Dan & Rachael Brown 

Moriah, Hannah & Chloe

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