The Macedonian Call

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In Acts 16, there is a wonderful story of how God led Paul and Silas to a place that was ready to receive the Gospel. Their desire was to go to the regions of Galatia, yet, the Holy Spirit forbid them to go. When they tried again, they Holy Spirit suffered them not. As Paul laid down to sleep one night, perhaps perplexed and confused at what God was doing, he had a vision of a man from Macedonia calling for help. Truly, when God closes one door, He opens another.

In May of this year, we had the privilege of hosting 3 men from Ambassador Baptist College. They came to reach a remote town that had no Gospel witness. After spending several days preaching the Gospel, a number of people responded and made professions of faith. What was perhaps the most encouraging aspect of the trip was the people’s desire for someone to return and start a church. They even offered some land for the church to be built upon.

Wanting to follow up on this work, Dan joined together with two  national pastors (one of whom had helped interpret for the three men from the US). They intended to follow up on the new believers and preach the Gospel. After taking a bus through the night, the three men arrived in Mahajunga, a
large city in the north of the island, and waited for the helicopter that would take them to this remote and distant town. (Traveling by car would have been more expensive and takes 3 days.) As they arrived at the airport, it became clear that God in His sovereign plan, was closed this door through means of mechanical problems. Somewhat discouraged, Dan and the two pastors made the long journey back to the capital trusting that if God closes one door, surely there must be another one open and awaiting them.

After taking a day to rest and find some fresh clothes, Dan set off with the national pastor to the bush church that he has been working with. As you may recall from our last prayer letter, this church had a desire to reach a nearby town with the Gospel. In May, we started open air preaching on Saturdays in this small town and saw some response to the Gospel. On the Saturday after their trip, Dan returned to this town together with Ernest and preached. As the small crowd began to leave, a lady approached Ernest and asked if they could start meeting every Sunday and start a new church. This was the open door God had given us.
On August 26, the church from Ambohimahatsinjo (the bush church Dan normally attends) met in Antanantsara (the small town a few miles away) and began what we pray will be the birth of a new church. Dan will be working with this new church as he travels to the bush once a month. We are excited to see what God will do through this open door.


As we close this letter, we would like to highlight another ministry we have here in Madagascar. This year, we will be holding our second year of teen camp. As of right now, the number of campers has doubled from last year. Please be in prayer for this week that God would use it and bless it and that we would see many young people saved and others making great decisions for Christ.

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