The Blessings of New Life

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I often reflect on the great privilege we have to serve the Lord as missionaries. God has called us to point people to a saving knowledge of His Son. It is, in fact, our business to see people accept Christ and then ground them in the truths of God’s Word. What a BLESSING! What a job! (By the way, there are many job openings and volunteers are always accepted!)

As we look back on the last two months, we can happily say that the Lord has blessed His work. Several months ago, we began telling the story of a dear friend of Rachael who accepted Christ as her Savior. I am happy to say that her story has continued with many wonderful BLESSINGS.

After accepting Christ as her Savior, Jacqueline was clearly growing in Christ and had an evident hunger and thirst for the Word of God. So, soon after, Rachael began discipling her. As they discussed baptism, Jacqueline expressed her desire and excitement to take this public step of obedience. After waiting a few short weeks for the next baptism, Dan had the privilege of baptizing her just before Christmas. What a BLESSING!

To go back a little in the story, several months before Jacqueline was baptized, she had invited her husband and brother to church. (She has invited many others to church as well.) They came and have since been attending quite regularly. At Jacqueline’s baptism, her husband, Norbert, approached Dan and said he wanted to have the same thing that his wife had. He did not know what it was but he knew he wanted it. Just after Christmas, he and Dan were able to sit down and talk about the Gospel. Then, Dan was able to lead Norbert to Christ. What a BLESSING!

Throughout these last few months, the Lord has also allowed us to be involved in grounding new believers in Christ. Dan has had the privilege to help lead a discipleship program at the church we attend. At this point, there are nearly twenty new converts and new-comers who are enrolled in the program. This has been a wonderful opportunity for us to lead people into a closer relationship with Christ as we continue to practice and use our Malagasy. What a BLESSING!

Finally, on a personal note, as we consider new life in this letter, we are excited to announce that Rachael is expecting our fourth child. She is due in July. Because of this, we will be returning to the states for both our furlough and for the birth. We look forward to seeing many of you once again and reporting on the work that God has been doing here in Madagascar.  What a BLESSING!

As we close, we would like to thank those who gave for your generous and very kind Christmas gifts. We were truly overwhelmed by your generosity and humbled by your kindness. Thank you so very much.

As always, our prayer is that the Lord would find us faithfully serving Him and that we all would be ever aware of His soon coming.

Your Servants to Madagascar

Dan & Rachael Brown (Moriah, Hannah & Chloe)

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