Practice What You Preach

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I’ve preached it many times before. “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.” Amazingly, Jesus is the one who said this, not a missionary trying to emphasize the need for more laborers! Perhaps what is even more amazing is that Jesus emphasized that the harvest is truly plenteous (in case we doubted). In other words, the harvest is really plenteous! There really are many people ready to receive Christ, if someone would just go. 

Do I believe this? Sure I do, so I say. Sure, there are many people in this world that are ready to hear the Gospel and would receive Christ if someone just told them. Of course it’s true because Jesus said it. Of course the harvest is plenteous. I agree. However, it has always seemed that I could never find the field where that harvest was found. Where were all these people ready to receive Christ, I often wondered. I can honestly now say, we have found the harvest and it is here in Madagascar!

It began in February. As I often try to do, I extended an invitation to those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Savior to approach me after the service and I would be happy to show them from the Bible how they can be saved. For months, nobody ever came. Everybody kindly thanked me for the message and went on their way. Then, one Sunday, a lady who recently started attending the church approached me and asked to talk to me. As we sat down, she began to share her story. She had been to many churches in her life and did everything every Pastor ever said to do about salvation. Yet, she could not escape her doubt and fear of death. For the next fifteen minutes, I walked her through the Romans Road and showed her the Bible way to salvation. I asked her if she wanted to accept Christ as her Savior. “Yes, yes I do,” she replied. We bowed our heads and she began to cry out for salvation. Soon the tears began to flow. As she finished her prayer, she opened her eyes and looked up with a big smile, “Thank you, Pastor.”

On March 28, we held our first baptism service. What a tremendous blessing this was. In preparation for this, I made an announcement and invited anyone needing to be baptized to approach me. After church a married couple came and said they wanted to be baptized. Since they were new to the church, I invited them to come to our house later that week so we can take time to discuss the reason we are baptized. When they arrived, the lady quickly declared, “I already accepted Christ and need to be baptized but my husband hasn’t accepted Christ yet.” I explained that he cannot be baptized unless he accepts Christ. I turned to him and asked if he would like to be saved. “Yes, I would,” he answered. For the next 30 minutes, I explained the Gospel and he bowed his head to accept Christ. He came ready to receive Christ that day!

Each Tuesday, I meet for discipleship with a young man. When the doorbell rang, I was not surprised because I expected him. This time, however, he was not alone. He brought with him a classmate and began to explain to me with much enthusiasm that she did not yet believe in God and had a lot of questions. For the next three hours we answered questions like, “How can I really be saved? If God doesn’t answer prayer, how can He be trusted? How can the Bible be trusted? Which church is true?” I wish I could say she accepted Christ that day, but she left without making a visible decision. She seemed genuinely interested, however, in her search for truth. Please pray for her (Rojo) and stay tuned for the continuation of this story! God is at work for sure!

Truly the harvest is plenteous. As Rachael and I were on our way to follow up with a visitor just this week, we were talking about how much we need more missionaries here in Madagascar. Yes, the harvest is plenteous…there is plenty of work. Truly, Jesus said, the harvest is ready! Yet, the problem remains the same — where are the laborers? They are still too few!

As we conclude this prayer letter, I would like to ask you, dear reader, to pray to the Lord of the harvest and ask Him to send forth more laborers? Ask God to touch the heart of many people to surrender to the call and serve the Lord in the harvest field. The harvest is plenteous and there are still millions who are waiting to hear about the saving health of the Gospel (Psalm 67:2-3).

The Browns to Madagascar

 “The harvest trulyisplenteous, but the labourersarefew;  Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.” Matthew 9:37-38

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