On the Go (part 2)

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Fourteen churches, 4 conferences, 9 states, 5,000 miles and at least 20 different beds (in different houses, hotels and mission’s apartments).  That pretty much sums up our life in the last two months!  What is not included in the numbers is the countless amount of people who have mentioned their unceasing prayers for us and the ministry in Madagascar.  Though the road may be wearisome and the beds may change with each day, this promise of prayers is the encouragement that helps us continue to do what God has called us to do.

With all of our travels, we have enjoyed the blessing of seeing many old friends and the excitement of meeting new ones along the way.  Outside of regular scheduled meetings, we have savored the time spent over a cup of coffee with friends and enjoyed staying up late into the night talking with family.  We have been encouraged by the faithfulness of many Christians and the exciting decisions made for Christ.

Many are the highlights of these last two months, but perhaps what has thrilled us the most is the prospect of seeing some of our supporters in Madagascar some day.  We would love to have everyone come and see the work God has called us to do in Madagascar and we have tried our best to promote the idea.  We thank the Lord that there has been some interest and we hope for the day of welcoming some of you to our home in Africa! 

God’s Providence

Another highlight of our travels was spending time with a dear  Malagasy family who lives in the United States.  God has used them in a great way in our lives and we thank the Lord for them. 

Here’s why!  Several years ago while on deputation, we visited a church in northern Virginia and presented our ministry.  After the service, this family approached us and we soon became fast friends.  During the conversation, they mentioned that they had a house in Madagascar and, if we were interested, we could rent the house.  At that time (still years before we arrived in Madagascar), we thought to ourselves, “That was a nice offer, but it is very unlikely that it will be anywhere near where we want to begin our ministry.”  The time passed quickly and we finished deputation and were nearly finished with language school in France when we contacted this family and inquired about the house.  To our amazement, it was exactly where we wanted to start with our ministry.  We have since rented the house and enjoyed a wonderful friendship with this dear family.  Truly, God’s ways are above ours!


As for the ministry in Madagascar, we are happy to give an update on the week of camp in September.  After speaking with our friends, we heard that God did a great work this year and many made good decisions for Christ.  There were 55 campers, 14 leaders, 4 churches and 15 teenagers who accepted Christ as their Savior.  What a tremendous blessing!  We look forward to being a part of next year’s camp and have already started preparing and planning.


We would appreciate your prayers as our travels come to an end.  We are now just two months away from returning to Madagascar and have many more miles to cover before so doing.  Please pray especially for our upcoming trip to California.  We’ll be leaving November 4th and will be driving.  Please pray that God would give us safety on the road and sanity in the van as we travel the many miles cross country.

As always, we wish to express our sincere appreciation to you, our faithful prayer supporters.  We could not do what God has called us to do without you!

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