Faith Comes by Hearing

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In Romans 10, we are asked a very poignant question:“how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard.”  I believe many people in Madagascar (and the world for that matter) have not believed because they have not yet heard the truth of the Gospel. So was the case of three young girls who attended the teen camp this year.

As many of you know, the Lord allowed us to work together with fellow missionaries in holding our second annual teen camp. We praise the Lord for the wonderful things He did and the safety and blessings He gave us. This year, we were excited to see many of our numbers double from last year. We had nearly twice as many campers (50), twice as many churches involved (4), and many wonderful decisions for Christ.

Out of the eleven teenagers who accepted Christ as their Savior, three of them were girls who we met through the English course we help teach. They have been attending the course faithfully and have even visited church from time to time. From what we could see, they were nice girls who thought they were Christians because they attended church with their family. 

When these three girls heard about the camp, they expressed interest. However, because of finances, they thought they would not be able to go. With a little help, all three signed up for camp. On the second night, the Gospel was preached with clarity and fervency and all three of the girls accepted Christ as Savior!

This has been a reminder to us that there are many more people here in Madagascar just like these three. We have come to learn in our short time here that the Malagasy are deeply religious people and put much of their faith in their religion. However, few have really heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. Yes, they know about Jesus but they do not understand what He has done for them.

Another story that helps illustrate this is a story still in progress. When we first arrived in Madagascar, Rachael met a lady named Jacqueline. The two have spent much time together and have become good friends. One evening, we were talking with Jacqueline about salvation. We knew she was deeply religious but had never accepted Christ as Savior. She shared with us her story of how she began to believe in God when He helped her through a difficult situation. 

After listening to her story and experience, we opened the Bible and showed her from God’s Word that salvation is not simply a belief in God but rather faith in Jesus Christ alone. We finished our conversation that night and said goodbye, not knowing that the Spirit of God was still working in her heart. Later that evening, unbeknownst to us, Jacqueline went home and called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and asked Him to save her. Now, Rachael is just beginning the process of discipling her and teaching her more truths from the Word of God.

Please continue to pray that God would use us to share this Good News 

with more people and that many would not only hear about Jesus Christ 

but believe on Him for salvation.

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